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Aître > Travel > Art> Architecture accompanies you in the discovery of contemporary art. From a trip to the Istanbul Biennial to a customised trip in New Zealand, our tours offer unique and original routes off the beaten tracks to meet contemporary creation. We travel in small groups guided by an artist, an architect, an historian or an art critic. We conceive travels in a flexible way, in order to be attentive to personal preferences, to deepen the feeling to the works of art and to awaken a unique critical eye on our contemporary world.


"Le jardin étoilé" de Kimya Maruyama

« Le jardin étoilé »  Kimya Maruyama

We invite you to expérience a customised journey, based on your expectations, your availability and your desires.
Traveling with Aître is not only a voyage but a unique journey accompanied by discovery and the initiation to artistic and architectural scenarios. Not only do we guide you along your journey but we also develop a critical eye based on your sensitivities.
No prior knowledge is needed, other than the curiosity and the pleasure to live an artistic experience in an exceptional environment.
For each guided tour, we design a specific travel diary. Made of cultural, historical and graphic elements, this diary enriches the work of art experience.
If you wish, we are at your disposal the whole period of the stay to share information, impressions, before and after the visits.


Aurelie Nemours and new museum (Frac Bretagne) by Odile Decq

Aurelie Nemours and new museum (Frac Bretagne) by Odile Decq

We offer artistic week-ends and journeys, in Brittany, Paris, Rome and Brussels.
Are you a group, a fine arts or architecture school, an association ? We are at your disposal for every specific request and organisation of customised journeys (from 8 to 50 persons).

Discovery Week-ends in small groups (8 persons maximum)
Discovery Week-ends of art and architecture in Brittany, from 600 euros/person, from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton (return flight, transportation, two nights in a 3-star hotel, ticketing and guided tours).



Rennes-Subway by Norman Foster

Rennes-Subway by Norman Foster

Our travel agency is located in Rennes. As artists, art critics and art historians, we will show you remarkable contemporary art and architecture sites in Brittany.

We will guide you in one of the biggest sculpture parcs in Europe, the Kerguehennec domain.
In Nantes and on the Loire estuary, you will discover a landscape doted with works of art in the public space, created by the greatest international artists and architects.
In Rennes, you can stroll in a city where art reveals itself at every street corner and where the museum of contemporary art, open in 2012, houses one of the most beautiful contemporary art collections in France.
Last but not least, Brittany provides many art centers, on a territory with an exceptional natural and cultural heritage. We will guide you with passion on an unusual and customised journey.


Frac Bretagne - O. Decq.

Frac Bretagne – O. Decq.

Readily accessible by plane from London, Birmingham, Manchester, Southampton, to Nantes or Rennes (direct flights), our journeys and week-ends will draw you deep into contemporary creation.

New: Treasures in the Streets of Rennes

Se laisser guider par Aître, dans des lieux choisis avec compétence, conduit à s’interroger sur l’œuvre d’art avec beaucoup de plaisir.